What is the Scentcares aromatherapy diffuser?


1, Scentcares aromatherapy diffuser through the ultrasonic shock equipment generated by high-frequency vibration, the water molecules and dissolved plant essential oil decomposition into 0.1-5 microns in diameter nano-scale cold fog emitted in the surrounding air, so that the air is full of fragrance apparatus.


2, indoor air dry after winter heating, people will appear dry lips, dry throat hoarseness, bitter dry cough, dry skin, nose bleeding and other “warm dry” symptoms, Scentcares aromatherapy diffuser using a variety of ways to atomize water and pure plant essential oils, so that the room to maintain high humidity, and produce a certain number of natural negative oxygen ions, purify the air, while achieving The effect of aromatherapy, can assist in the treatment and relief of influenza, hypertension, bronchitis and other diseases, and the nervous system, cardiovascular system and human metabolism to play a protective role.


3, aromatherapy is a fashion, a culture, is the pursuit of high taste life of the people of a spiritual way of trust.Scentcares mission is to bring shoulder width aromatherapy life to 100 million families around the world.