How to Clean Your Scentcares Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser can help give your home a pleasant scent. However, they require regular cleaning. After each use, give your essential oil diffuser a thorough wash. Once a month, deep clean your diffuser. Be vigilant about cleaning to avoid the buildup of gunk and grime in your diffuser.

Cleaning Your Scentcares Diffuser After Use

1.Pour excess water into the sink. Pour the water out from behind as this will prevent you from spilling on the diffuser’s operating buttons. This could cause damage to the diffuser.

2.Clean the inside and outside of your diffuser. Dab a small amount of a natural dishwashing detergent on a cotton brush. Use this to give the tank a gentle wipe down, removing any grime, and then wipe down the outside of the diffuser as well.
Only use natural cleaners without any chemical additives. Harsh chemicals can harm the diffuser.

3.Rinse the diffuser. Use a cloth dampened with clean water. Rub inside the tank and on the outside of the diffuser. This should remove any soap residue. Make sure to rub the diffuser with a clean rag until any water running off of it is clean.

4.Clean the mist chip. There should be a small ultrasonic chip inside the water tank. If you’re not sure where your diffuser’s chip is, consult your instructions manual. Use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to wipe down the mist chip.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

1.Read the instructions first. Most diffusers can be safely cleaned using the methods above. However, every diffuser is different. Yours may have special cleaning instructions, so refer to these when cleaning the diffuser.

2.Remove water and oil after each use. The longer you let water and oil sit in a diffuser, the harder it will be to clean. Each time you clean your diffuser, dump out any excess water or oil. This will keep your diffuser clean, cutting back on cleaning time
3.Unplug and empty your diffuser before cleaning. Never start cleaning your diffuser when it’s still plugged into the wall. Each time you clean, unplug your diffuser. If there is any water or oil sitting in the diffuser, dispose of this before cleaning.