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Who We Are

Promise insists on independent research and development and production of all circuit boards and hardware, and has become the first in the domestic industry to have an SMT dust-free workshop, integrating IC burning, patching, and plug-ins. This allows us to control quality and shorten the delivery time.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to serve the world, quality based on the world! When everyone is discussing the product, we have been thinking about how to provide customers with the most professional and worry-free professional aromatherapy solution! Perennial with the core design and development team to travel to Europe and the United States, close to the fashion frontier to find a variety of design inspiration, from the main model of the season, to the design, to the color collocation, to the page editing, to the customer's target market laws and regulations and test standards, to the global logistics one-stop direct.

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Great Service

"When problem happens, they can identify and response quickly. That is good."


Testimonial from our clients

Excellent Supplier

"Excellent Supplier, our long lasting partner for the Essential Oil Diffuser."



We have passed the BSCI factory audit and ISO9001 quality system certification, we have enough high technology, advanced production and inspecion equipments. Strict quality inspection system for the finished goods and raw materials.


We have been in the scent industrial for more than 8 years. We have mature experience in manufacturing products and supply to the world famous brands, such as younglivings, newgreenair etc,.



We have several product appearance patents and utility model patents, to protect the interests of customers to the greatest extent, improve competitiveness.

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